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Arancio & uva Rossa 250 ml – Dr. Vranjes

Arancio & uva Rossa 250 ml – Dr. Vranjes


Raumduft Dr. Vranjes Firenze – Traditional Fragrances

250 ml mit Bambusstäbchen

Versandkostenfrei Deutschland, Österreich



The right blend for those who are looking for a warm and enchanting essence, with the sweetness of the barely squeezed grape and the pungent note of citrus. An exquisite nose can easily appreciate the incursion of Rose, Magnolia and Violet and mixed berries too.
Sour head notes of the peels of wild Bitter Orange and the enchanting and full-bodied heart notes of the Red Grapes, with shades of Rose, Magnolia and Violet; essence of wood of rose and birch and a touch of cinnamon are joined to form the base of the perfume.