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Natalie Silva, 2014 – mixed media on Cotton 100 x 120 cm



German-born Natalie Silva (b. 1962), attended university of Maryland and Luigi Bocconi university.She held her first solo exhibition at the Mudima Gallery in Milan in 2001. Since then, she has held solo exhibitions and has been featured in group exhibitions in Switzerland, Slovenia, London, Paris and Los angeles.Solo exhibitions include The Narcissim of the artist, Mudima 2 Gallery, Milan (2001); Grey Panthers, archaeological Museum G. Rossi and Library Museum Bicknel, Ventimiglia (2005); Backstreetboys, dotfiftyone Gallery, Miami (2007); Backstreetboys, by arrangement of the Royal academy of arts, London (2007); Corporate Culture, Gallery Canvas, dallas (2008); GWG girls with guns, dotfiftyone Gallery, Miami (2009); Ordinary People, Galleria Studio, Milan (2009); Latest Works, Galleria Studio, Milan (2009); and dreamers, Museum Villa Boselli, arma di Taggia (2012).
Silva participated in Art Basel Miami for several years since 2004.
Currently she lives between Italy, Paris and Los Angeles.

Natalie Silva explores and documents human interactions with nature, focusing on light and its infinite colors. In Silva’s work, human figures are situated in an aqueous space that is seemingly indistinct, yet recognizably fluid. She explores how these figures interact with space, as shown through the concordance of iridescent colors, organic gestures, and eclectic use of light. Silva propounds, “[My characters]express themselves through color, brushstrokes and movement”.