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Lavanda Timo 250 ml – Dr. Vranjes Firenze

Lavanda Timo 250 ml – Dr. Vranjes Firenze


Raumduft Dr. Vranjes Firenze – Traditional Fragrances

250 ml mit Bambusstäbchen

Versandkostenfrei Deutschland, Österreich

Nicht vorrätig



Smell of the laundry hanging outside, of that scent hidden between the linen folds, a drawer’s opening, bending a towel with that clean laundry scent like, olfactory memory of many years ago.
Head notes: you can soon perceive the unique harmony of delicate notes of Levander and Spigo, that join together and evolve in the heart notes of the fresh and exciting Thyme; a gust of wind of cut aromatic herbs that form the heart and the base of this particular fragrance.