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Design Alessandro Zambelli

Diameter: 12.5cm

  • Farbe Mintgrün
  • Designed by Alessandro Zambelli
  • Forget Me Not Collection Glazed
  • Made in Italy
  • Composition: 100 % CERAMIC

Versandkostenfrei Deutschland, Österreich ( andere Nationen nach Anfrage), lagernd

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Lume is a small but luminous portable lantern conceived as a good luck gift for the most important people in our lives.
It is a “travelling companion,” symbolising closeness and affection. Its beneficent presence illumines and brightens every moment of the day. Lume forms part of Bosa’s new collection Non ti scordar di me (“forget me not”) and it also marks the start of Alessandro Zambelli’s co-operation with the Treviso-based company.
Lume consists of a small cylindrical base serving as a candle holder, topped by a sweeping parabola on which the entire design hinges. The look is quite specific: in fact it is a conscious tribute to the old-style bicycle lamp. The parabola protects the sliver of light and, at the same time, projects it in one direction. At the back, Lume features an equally singular detail: inspired by the buttons on the old, gas-fired cigarette lighters, the a handle allows the lantern to be moved while lit, as well as when extinguished.
This small, ceramic lantern is hand-made with a white enamel finish. Alternative colours are coral pink and pistachio green. Both colour versions are embellished with the glint of a rose gold finish, which picks out the lantern’s handle and runs round the inside of the surrounding parabola.